Welcome to my personal developer portfolio.
This page contains information about my previous work.
For a more development oriented perspective you can check out the gallery.

About me

I am Felix, a developer from Berlin mainly focused on technical art within realtime applications and games.
In the year 2012 I began studying Game Design at the HTW (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft) in Berlin and finished my Bachelor of Arts in the second half of 2018.
During my studies I had the chance to support in the development of "The Surge DLC - A walk in the Park" as an intern at the German Game Developer Deck13 in Frankfurt am Main.
Between 2019 and 2022 I worked at Goodpatch GmbH in Berlin where I involved in the development of XR Experiences as a Technical Artist.

I am a flexible alrounder with experiences on both surface level and the inner workings of Game Engines.
Besides my work related involvement as a Developer I am also very eager in technical experimentations and am always happy to get the chance to extend and discuss my personal knowledge.

Main skills

Minor Skills

- Java
- C++
- Unreal Engine 4
- Confluence
- Monogame
- Affinity Designer

Soft Skills

- Prototyping / UX Design
- Tool Development
- System Development
- Agile Development (Cross Team)
- XR (VR + AR) Development
- Quality Assurance
- Modeling / Rigging (Beginner)


+ Prototyping
+ Shader Dev
+ Pixel Art


- Gambling
- VR Development
- Chaotic team hierachies


University [Bachelor]

Between 2012 and 2016 I was a Gamedesign bachelor grade student at the HTW Berlin.
The degree teaches basic understanding of necessary tools in game development and interaction between students within practical projects.
Due to a difference in interest to the study focused art and design emphasis I became a mostly self-thought C# developer during this time.
A few other skills I learned during this period included: Level design / Prototyping (physical and digital) / interface design / material & shaders.

Student Projects

Part of the student curiculum was the creation of 4 semester group projects and a final Bachelor project.
My main role in all of these projects was the implementation (both in engine and code) of mechanics.

Deck 13 [Intern]

At the end of 2017 I joined the Frankfurt based Game Developer Deck13 as an intern for my required student internship.
During this period I helped the Game Design team during the development of the DLC "The Surge - A walk in the park" and the early development of it's successor.
Personal tasks included: supporting level design, enemy placement, creation of game mechanic prototypes.

The Surge

Due to the NDA nature of the project I am unable to provide personal work examples.
A link to the games steam page can be found here.

Goodpatch [XR Team]

During the second half of 2019 I joined Goodpatches branch in Berlin as technical Artist to work for their internal XR Team.
While the bread and butter of the company lies in Design Agency work this team focused on exploring technlogies to validate their usage for the future.
My personal tasks ranged from agency work to VR and tool development to client demos and live support.


The XR Teams flagship project was Athena Car VR, a VR Design Tool for the automotive Industry used by OEMs to Prototype Scenarios in and around the car of the future.
The solution was built ontop of Unity and used premium bussiness class hardware like the Varjo and Pimax HMIs.
These HMDs have a much higher resolution so they are targeted at high-end PCs and require a lot of extra optimization work.

Free Time

Next to my professional work I tend to invest a decent chunk of my free time in research and development of small technical prototypes.
I am also very interested in more artistic topics like modelling, rigging, pixel art and exploring art styles via custom shadings though I don't see myself as gifted in that department.

Free Time

Here is a small pool of example projects. For more development focused screenshots you can take a look at the gallery.